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6 Ways To Know She May Be The One

6 Ways To Know She May Be The One   | Legend Men's Magzine

She treats members of her family with love and respect

The way a woman treats those closest to her is a good indication of how she will treat you in a marriage. If she treats her family members with love and respect and is forgiving toward them, you can reasonably expect the same treatment in your relationship with her.

She bring out the best in you

Many couples are often seen arguing over almost everything and unfortunately bring out the worst in each other. That should not be the case with you and your girlfriend. If you find yourself making positive changes in your thinking, attitude, and decisions because of her, then chances are that you’ve found a keeper!

She’s not afraid to respectfully tell you when you’re wrong

No one likes being wrong and worst still is when someone tells us we’re wrong. However, progress can’t be made unless we’re willing to acknowledge our mistakes and make corrections.

Does your girl call you out respectfully if she see’s you are making a bad judgment call? Does she try to personally assist you in making better decisions, offering her support? When you make a bad decision, does she try to make the best out of it and encourage you to reconsider your prideful stance? If you can answer yes to any of these questions then your girl is priceless.

Every man needs a woman who can stand by his side through it all and guide him to better decision making. In many cases, a man can attribute his successful patient, intelligent and caring women who helped him along the way.

She defends you in public and in private conversations even when you

What does your girl say about you behind closed doors? Why not find out? If you find that she speaks well of you behind your back then you know you have found someone who truly cares about you and is seeking your best interest. Women like this are to be treasured.

She’s thrifty

Every woman likes to have nice things but does your girl know how to find a good deal? The principal of using resources wisely may not be a big deal when dating in your opinion but it becomes a big deal in marriage.

The wife will have access to most of your assets and you want to be with someone who thinks in long terms and not just instant gratification.

A woman who truly understands the value of a dollar and the concept of good credit will assist you in building your empire and in planning for the future of you and your children.

She gives her time and resources to help those in need

Givers are always busy and happier in life!A woman who gives her time to help those in needs will not only be busy and happier in life but she will add to your joy through her gracious spirit of self-sacrifice.

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