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9 Reason Ellen DeGeneres Makes Us Happy

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Ellen DeGeneres has won the hearts of millions with her lighthearted, fun and warm personality. She truly knows the joy that comes from giving and is always looking for a way to spread laughter, love, and goodness in the world. We hear at Legend Men’s Magazine comprised 9 reason why Ellen DeGeneres makes us happy! Enjoy.

#1. Her Dancing

Even though she may be a little offbeat and her dance style may not trend anytime soon, we just can't seem to get enough of it. Some of her innocent, playful and hilarious dance moves keep us all smiling and laughing.

#2. Her Pranks

Yes, sometimes she goes a little too far but her pranks on celebrities like Taylor Swift, Richard Simmons, and Halle Berry have millions of views on Youtube because they are just so funny. Thank you, Ellen, for reminding us not to take ourselves too seriously!

#3. Her Love Of Children

Children are a pretty good judge of character and they all seem to love being around Ellen. She keeps them engaged with fun questions, smiles, and plenty of gifts! The chemistry between Ellen and the children that visit her show makes for great television and is a delight to watch over and over again!

#4. She Hates Bullying

Ellen has spoken out against bullying on more than one occasion and lives by example in showing love towards humanity.

#5. Her Smile

Smiling is contagious and there is this feeling of euphoria when you're watching Ellen. Her smiles seem to radiate and affect the entire audience instantly. She keeps it going throughout the show and it's just amazing!

#6. She Loves Her Staff

Ellen always strives to create a fun atmosphere for her staff and it comes across on the screen. If she's not pranking her staff she's making her producer Andy do something hilarious. Classic! We just can’t get enough of it!

#7. She's Generous

We can't tell you how much Ellen and her show has given away over the past 14 years but we're pretty sure it's a lot of money, right? She consistently looks for opportunities to help those in need and has made many friends and fans along the way.

#8. Fun Interviews

Ellen knows how to give a fun interview. She just has a way of connecting with everyone from A-listers, family people, children and millions across the world. We would even enjoy watching her interview a turtle. Just saying.

#9 No Drama

Ellen can calm drama pretty quickly and knows how to steer an interview in the right direction before things get too serious. She also touches on dramatic topics in such a funny way that she quickly lowers the defenses of her guest and get's them to laugh about potentially unfunny situation. Things Ellen pulls off extremely well.

If laughter is great medicine then we will never be sick a day in our life watching some of Ellen's shows! Thank you, Ellen, for spreading love, laughter, and kindness for the past 14 years. Yours is a living legacy.

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