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April Simpson Takes 2018 By Storm

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April Darlene Simpson was born on October 8, 1978, and has diligently worked in the media for 17 12 years. She attended the University of Arkansas and graduated with her bachelors in Journalism and went on to get her Masters in Communication at Websters University.

From a young age, April loved the art of storytelling as it relates to people. As a curious youth, she loved to ask people questions. A gift she has used to her professional advantage.

"I was the first journalist to interview Tracy Martin, the father of Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown Sr. I have interviewed so many amazing people both well known and not. I got the best advice from Wendy Williams. Patti LaBelle gave me earrings. Prince was so amazing and so beautiful. Presidents Obama and Clinton were also amazing interviews. I loved talking with Maya Angelou who was my sorority sister. My first celebrity interview was with Bill Cosby. He was hilarious," April relates to LEGEND correspondent Joseph Bonner.

One of the reasons April became a journalist was her passion for writing. "The most important part of being a journalist is knowing how to write a story. I wanted to be able to relay information to people to either inform or help them," she goes on to tell Joseph.

In 2010 April discovered that she had a life-threatening tumor. Through that fight, April was determined to ensure the emotional wellbeing of herself and her family.

Soon to grace the cover of LEGEND Men' Magazine, April opens up in an exclusive interview about her experience through that difficult ordeal and shared a new exciting chapter in her life as she the executive producer of her new talk show, the April Simpson Show.

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