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The Birth Of A Fashion Empire - VAGE

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Emmanuel Molina sporting his VAGE urban wear.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to successfully launch a fashion brand and get your clothing sold in stores and online?

There is one millennial fashion designer who is teaching us by example.

Emmanuel Molina is a 17-year-old fashion designer out of Lawrence Massachusetts who's brand VAGE is gaining national notoriety for it's inspiring message.

The Va in VAGE stands for vallidom (worth, value) and the GE stands for germinate (to grow). The brand message is worth and value that grows over time.

Molina is looking to encourage personal and professional development in youths and adults through his unique and stylish urban wear.

VAGE is available select stores and online at

So just how did Molina start his fashion brand anyways?

Molina states "Well, to start my fashion brand I need $400 so I worked and save up the money to invest in my brand. Also, business manager Jackson Garcia helped me mentally, emotionally and monetarily and assisted me in getting my brand sold in stores."

Molina continues, "My mom tells me she sees my potential and believes in me. I work part-time, go to school and push my brand in an effort to inspire others.

Emmanuel Molina may very well be the new generations Tommy Hillfigure.

With a brand that is both trendy and inspiring, we have no doubt that there are great things in store for VAGE.

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