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Breakfast to boost your child’s academic performance?

Kids are back in school. And to make sure they get the most out of their academics, it is important to follow a healthy routine for them to maximize learning. Grand rounds - a methodology used by doctors to inform and help their patients stay healthy, Dr. David Agus spoke to “CBS This Morning” and gave the following tips:

-Don’t skip breakfast.

-Eat a healthy/hearty breakfast by eating proteins and fats, not just carbohydrates. Eggs, cheeses, nuts should be added to their usual bowl of whole grain cereals and fruits.

-Hydration: Have you kids drink water/coconut water. Recent studies show that staying hydrated helps your kids’s cognitive performance.

-Avoid caffeine (usually inside most soda pop, such as cola).


-Have “downtime,’ by reading a book, going to play, watch tv. It’s important for children to take time just to be a kids after school and/or in between homework time. -Before taking a test, advice your child to have a small piece of chocolate. There are studies that support having a small amount of caffeine before taking a test helps them concentrate more, hence doing better in tests.

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