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Black teen shot at with a shotgun by retired firefighter

Fourteen-year-old Brennan Walker missed the morning school bus on Rochester Hills, Michigan, and didn’t have his phone with him. Since he didn’t make the bus, he decided to go to school the old fashion way, walking. In order to get directions on where to go, he knocked on a stranger’s door for help.

Jeffrey Ziegler, a retired firefighter, answered with a shotgun in hand. When Brennan saw that, got scared and ran away. Ziegler shot at him barely missing him. As a result of this incident Zeigler was arrested and charged with assault with intent to murder. Walker is a black teenager, Zeigler is white.

Though Zeigler’s attorney says this was not racially motivated, Brennan’s family believe otherwise. Zeigler claims he was on ‘high alert’ after a series of break-ins had happened before and stood by his actions. A video was released by authorities where all the events took place.​

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