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Daughter dances with terminally ill father on her wedding day

By: Joseph Bonner

Daughter dances with terminally ill father on her wedding day

A song that bonded daughter and father since 2000, was decided to be their song on the day of her future wedding day.

"I Hope You Dance," by Lee Ann Womack was the song of choice for Mary Bourne and her father Jim Roberts and although she was just little girl at the time, it was a song that bonded her to her father in ways only few would understand.

In May of 2017, Jim was diagnosed with Glioblastoma which made Jim unsure if he would even be alive to dance with his daughter to their song on her wedding day in December since his type of brain cancer has no cure to date.

Well, Jim was alive and their dance has brought tears to the eyes of thousands in the past few days after the video has gone viral.

Spinning her father around in his wheelchair on the dance floor made for a most special father-daughter dance the world won't soon forget.

The video is not only a reminder of how beautiful family is but also a strong reminder to appreciate each day we have to live and use each and every opportunity to remind the ones we hold dear how much they mean to us.

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