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3 Amazing Women Changing the World

3 Women Changing the World

Most people would agree today that the world as we know it is quickly changing and to properly deal with these troubling times, many people are grasping for support, encouragement and love.

On this piece we highlight 3 amazing women who are changing the world one day at a time and who have dedicated their life to supporting the national and international community.

Svetlana Elgart

Name: Svetlana Elgart

Company: Rainbow Chefs Academy

Work: Children's Health

Changing the World: Through culinary school programs and health education for youths.


Name: Carol Natasha Diviney

Company: Universe Poems

Work: Poetry and Mental Health

Changing the World: Through poetic mentoring,training and keynote seminars, designed to encourage poetic expression as a method of coping with life challenges.


Dr. Knitasha V. Washington

Name: Dr. Knitasha V. Washington

Company: ATW Health Solutions

Work: Health Consultation

Changing the World: Through her management consulting firm that provides professional services to public and private organizations and government agencies and is committed to transforming healthcare delivery to strategically co-create, implement and build sustainable organizational performance improvement solutions.


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