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Are Your Trying To Heal From Past Trauma?

Healing from past trauma is no easy task and no doubt is already negatively impacting your life in multiple ways.

Are you tired of feeling stuck?

Do you want to reach your goals despite your rocky past?

Are you tired of past trauma controlling you and are you ready to take back control of your life?

If so, you truly don't want to miss this weeks line up on the Joseph Bonner Show.

This week he spoke with Co-Founder Leina Hoyt who's past work with genocide and rape victims in Rwanda helped create a new organization dedicated to helping women move past trauma.

She is expert in "trauma" with decades of health care experience she has used to aid others on the path of healing.

When asked by Celebrity mental health coach Joseph Bonner just who Leina Hoyt is, his words were simple yet profound. " She is undoubtedly the Trauma Whisperer," he stated,adding, "if anyone can help you through your trauma it's the whole team."

He also had as a special guest Founder Krysta Theus and discussed key ways trauma impacts a persons goals.

She is a skilled coach with expertise in assisting professionals including health care workers deal with trauma and reaching professional and emotional goals.

You can watch the latest episodes of the Joseph Bonner Show on ROKU, JBN syndicated channels or online at


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