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Facebook, Instagram and Twitter may face federal lawsuit for racial bias

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have recently come under fire by black Hollywood Producer, Joseph Bonner for racial bias on their platform in a recent tweet by the famed media mogul.

In his Tweet, he tags the social media giants and says " I guess I'm too black to be verified on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Makes sense...

Muck Rack, known as the most reputable vetting the credibility of journalist, liked a Tweet mentioning them in response to Joseph Bonner's tweet.

Bonner released this statement to add clarity to his tweet.

"I host some 25 different shows distributed on iHeart Radio and Spotify, I publish some 10 international publications and own 10 international radio stations. Also, I have been featured in multiple non-black national publications. As a longstanding internationally-known journalist who speaks out on human rights violations, I will of course be vocal. I've taken on bigger guys then social media giants. When I see something wrong I say it. The platform systematically overlooks accomplished black journalists and entertainers. It's disgusting. After I finish filing a federal lawsuit, I will be looking to pursue a class action lawsuit or federal lawsuit under established human rights and civil rights laws if I don't see an immediate change. "

We've reached out to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for a comment but have not gotten a response.


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