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Fighting child obesity and diabetes during a pandemic with Rainbow Chefs Online Academy

Svetlana Elgart is the Founder & CEO of Rainbow Chefs and has been working diligently with schools throughout California during the pandemic to teach young people how to eat healthy on a budget through her Rainbow Chefs Online Academy.

Her fight against child obesity and diabetes began in 2016 when she founded her school program by partnering with doctors, dieticians, and curriculum o builders to create a program fun and interactive for youths but also in line with core academic curriculum and credible health institutions.

So what exactly is Rainbow Chefs? "We are a health and wellness nutrition company making a difference in the life of our children through healthy eating education," Elgart shares with us. She adds, "Our programs have been put together by leading doctors, dietitians, nutritionists, and curriculum builders to ensure that it meets common core lines."

She offers two powerful programs through Rainbow Chefs.

Rainbow Chefs Program: ( In-service program) They bring in a certified instructor in the school to teach kids how to cook and eat healthily. They also bring in the safe food tools, food, and instructions to the site and engage youth participation through hands-on activities.

Rainbow Chefs Online Academy: (Subscription-Based Program) Provides training, curriculum, and tools for educators to incorporate the Rainbow Chefs program in the class or program. It allows the educator freedom to teach the class based on their unique teaching style by providing an expert curriculum.

Many parents have seen their children gain weight during the coronavirus pandemic. The value in Rainbow Chefs is that they are teaching youths how to cook and eat healthily on a budget and SAFE during the pandemic.

I want to do something meaningful for our children and society and I think because our kids are becoming diabetic and obese by the age of 12 I wanted to make a difference to show our kids how easy it is to eat healthy. Svetlana Elgart

Success: She has received positive feedback from parents, educators, and youths on the values of her program. A letter from one mom said “You made a difference in my child's life. When I took her to a fast-food restaurant, she opted out and ordered a cesar salad and said Chef Lana would be proud of me.”

To date, Rainbow Chefs has served 16000 California Schools and over 38,000 youths. Your school can sign up by visiting their website at

Svetlana Elgart is making a difference in the lives of thousands of youths through her special program and we could not be more proud!


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