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Health EmbodiMentor Corinna Bornhorst

When it comes to living a positively bold life, EmbodiMentor Corinna Bornhorst certainly takes the lead, sharing unique and wholesome ways to stay healthy and positive. However, before she began helping people live happy and healthy lives, she battled her own emotional toils and one day decided that enough was enough. From doctor to personal friends, everyone seemed to notice that Bornhorst was happier and that her emotional state of mind was a polar opposite to what it was before. “I decided that I was not going to be depressed anymore,” she tells Legend Magazine publisher Joseph Bonner.

So what helped her transform her own life? How exactly does she help people now live their most productive and positive lives?

We invite you to read on and embrace this positive interview with the 1st and only EmbodiMentor, Corinna Bornhorst.

Q: What was it like for you growing up as a child?

Corinna: Waiting to grow older, as I was sure when I would make it until 45, I would be through with the shit and could start with my own life.

Q: What is your favorite childhood memory?

Corinna: Playing with my brothers, my dog Sherry and reading the newspaper only to find the cat jumping onto the exact article I was reading to get some strokes.

Q: When did you realize that you wanted to be in your career? What obstacles did you face?

Corinna: In 2016, after a long healing journey, I read about a question that had been asked to old people on the deathbed: What do you regret in life. So, I asked this question to myself right away and the answer was immediate: Not enough dancing. Dance as a healing method, dance as an outlet for joy, dance as a method to stay true to me.

Q: So, what's your philosophy on dealing with stress? I’m sure many are looking for ways to cope right now.

Corinna: As a former child whose brain and body was being bathed in stress hormones almost every day, no amount of Ritalin or Adderall, or any other chemical would be going to fix my problems. I had to get to the root of the problem—the everyday adversity I had to face as a kid. and based on that, Rituals and Routines make my day. Especially conscious movement practices such as conscious dance, walking barefoot on grass, neurogenic tremors, meditation, Tapping help me come out of hyper or hypo situations. Also, liver detox and organic food are important to me. Sitting is the new smoking, therefore standing up and releasing stress is a daily necessity.

Q: Laughter is also good medicine, what makes you smile?

Corinna: Honesty, Truth, and Cuteness like the horse with the teddy bear story Joseph Bonner posted on LinkedIn; my friends make me smile.

Q: Are you excited about any upcoming projects?

Corinna: Yes. Every workshop I birth into this world makes me excited. If not, I could not be motivated to do all the organization and then show up. This upcoming weekend, I invited attendees to a live workshop to Dance with their Angst. (Fear)

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