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Man mysteriously falls from the 2nd story of a California hospital window following an altercation

San Jose, CA: A man is now dead after being taken into custody by police for violating a court order. Following his arrest, he was taken to the hospital for an undisclosed medical condition that was pre-existing. The man allegedly got into an altercation with an officer and nurse during his hospital visit.

According to the officer and nurse’s account of events, they both left the room, leaving the man alone in this hospital room, where he allegedly attempted an escape from the second story by hitting the window with an oxygen tank.

According to the San Jose police department, the officer and two hospital security guards went back into the room to stop the man's alleged escape attempt when he fell from the 2nd story ledge.

While it appears the San Jose police department may consider this an open-shut case, circumstances following the man's death are raising some questions in the community.

No word on if the man was experiencing a mental health episode.


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