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Youth diet wellness program is a hit in California schools

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Diet Wellness Program - California Schools - Rainbow Chefs Academy

When it comes to eating healthy and teaching kids the fundamentals of creating healthy lifestyle eating habits, no one does it better than Rainbow Chefs Academy CEO Svetlana Elgart.

In addition to creating a life-changing nutritionist-approved school curriculum-based program, Svetlana now produces her very own youth-based cooking show to help teach kids around the world the power of healthy eating.

Here program now services thousands of youths in California but she admits that her Rainbow Chefs Academy has the ability to service many more school districts nationwide upon request.

Elgart has appeared on multiple media outlets sharing her inspiration behind her innovative wellness program that has captured the attention of multiple school districts in California.

Her most recent appearance on the nationally syndicated Founder podcast on iHeartRadio gives amazing insight into the passion behind her purpose, namely, to help children live their best lives.

Last month she appeared on the cover of Legend Women's Magazine alongside Oprah Winfrey, to give a telling exclusive on the power of training youths while still in school to develop healthy eating habits.

Learn more about how to bring the Rainbow Chefs Academy to a school near you!

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